Network of Innovators



There is possibly no more important public issue today than how to enable our governing organizations to better recognize and implement innovative and effective ways of solving our problems. Administration that is supposed to solve critical problems on its own — an outgrowth of the professionalization of public life in the industrial age — is inadequate for a complex, networked world. Governments need to learn to make use of the full gamut of expertise — formal scientific knowledge and credentials, but also skills, experiences and craft know-how — to tackle the challenges society will face in the coming years.


Creating an expert network of individuals and organizations and the projects they have worked on; together with the communication tools to ask a question, convene groups of varying sizes, or engage people in collaborating. The hope is to make it possible within and across governments to:

Find who has experience with a problem or innovation

Find collaborators to tackle a shared problem

Form new alliances


The project organizes directories of expertise, including skills and experience, of those working in areas believed to be integral to governing more effectively and legitimately:

Open Data, Rapid Prototyping & Human-Centered Design, Behavioral Sciences and Nudging, Crowdsourcing, Public-private Partnerships, Citizen Science, Prizes and Challenges.